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St. Louis Slip and Fall Law Firm

Slip and fall accidents are all too common in our daily lives. We’ve handled numerous cases throughout the state of Missouri when it comes to someone’s safety being compromised at work or in their day to day lives. Both in and outside the workplace, we are confident we can help uncover areas of the state laws that can help develop your case. We understand that¬†many slip and fall injuries occur at businesses. Courts have held that such patrons are classified as business invitees. As such, businesses must fix or warn of any dangerous condition it knows or could know exists on their premises. We will question and follow up with all level employees at the place of business and many of them will often tell it like it is, and provide the evidence the jury needs to hear.¬†St. Louis slip and fall attorney

We also understand that not all injuries occur at businesses. If you’ve been injured in any type of slip and fall injury in or out of the workplace setting, give our firm a call at (636) 519-0085 to go over all of the details with an injury specialist lawyer.