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If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident in the state of Missouri, reach out to our legal team to ensure your rights future are protected

St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Here at The Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, LLC, we understand how severe and life changing a motorcycle accident can be. We also understand that most often times motorcycle accidents in Missouri are caused by the inattention of other drivers on the road. We see it often, a car or truck moving into the biker's lane and causing an accident due to what the driver will often claim as the biker 'being in my blind spot'. When you're the driver of the motorcycle, usually this kind of situation doesn't end well. Personal injury and bodily harm often result from motorcycle accidents of any speed. St. Louis motorcycle accident attorney

Our legal team is well versed in Missouri motorcycle accident law and knows how to defend every aspect of your case. We know how to work with the insurance companies and those trying to keep your compensation to a minimum and hold them responsible for everything possible. This even includes looking at details as fine as the helmet/safety equipment you were wearing at the time of the accident and seeing if there are any products liability legal claims that could be in play. We can often times find compensation and liability in places our clients wouldn't ever even think to look. That is the kind of experience you are hiring when you turn to our firm to help with your Missouri motorcycle accident case.

Our firm can help you navigate all aspects of your legal situation after being in a Missouri motorcycle accident. We can also help with consultation regarding coverage you should have as a motorcycle rider in the state of Missouri to ensure you are properly covered in all areas if an accident were to happen in the future. Being sure to carry uninsured (UM), underinsured (UIM), and medical payments (med pay) insurance coverages can come in absolutely crucial for you. Often times you will have to ask specifically for these types of coverage, but as we have seen in years and years of practice, they are well worth having as a motorcycle driver. Reach out to our St. Louis motorcycle accident attorneys via phone at (636) 519-0085 or on our Contact Page on this website.

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